This is a modern, effective,
evidence-based approach of
What is TEAM-CBT?
TEAM-CBT brings together the most powerful elements of cognitive behavioral and motivational therapies with a clear and highly effective approach to help depression, anxiety, addiction, and relationship difficulties for lasting health. Developed by Dr. David Burns, MD, a pioneer in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, TEAM-CBT honors where a person is stuck, and then teaches powerful tools to change distorted beliefs on a gut level, allowing the person to feel better and use those same tools themselves whenever needed, to stay well. TEAM CBT India is committed to provide growth opportunities to mental health professionals to use TEAM-CBT with every client they see and help them in the most effective ways.

Testing helps monitor therapy progress of clients and therapists. It allows us to measure how effective each session is and keep track of how you feel about each session, from session to session. We want to make sure that our clients are getting the very best therapy and getting the results they want. Testing gives an opportunity for therapists to get accurate feedbacks from clients. We believe in keeping ourselves accountable to being the best therapists we can be.


We believe it is critically important to connect deeply with each of our clients, and use effective and sensitively honed methods to do so. Hence we use a specific structure, to provide an A- class Empathy to our clients, so as to not miss the most important components of Empathy.

Assessment of Resistance

Using powerful motivational tools based on 40 years of research, we honor the values, of our clients, enable them to clarify their goals for therapy and remove any kind of resistance that could become a barriers to recovery. Thus setting the stage for breakthroughs.


We work with research based, cutting edge techniques and methods to resolve the problems of our clients. We aim to enable our clients to become emotionally independent. Hence we teach them powerful tools and methods they can use themselves, in the future to stay well and live their life Feeling Good life long, under any challenging circumstances they might ever have to confront !