TEAM-CBT Trainings

Why should a therapist learn TEAM-CBT methods ?

Imagine a scenario when a client enters totally confused not knowing what they could do to feel better and walks out of the session with an absolute clarity about what exactly he/she/they could do to help them experience joy and fulfilment.

Imagine your client(s) feel totally satisfied with the time and money invested and becomes independent to deal with their problems forever.

Imagine, you as a therapist, being equipped with a modern & most effective toolbox that facilitates faster recovery and being backed up by a community of therapists to help you when/if you ever feel stuck with a challenging case.

Imagine having a clear pathway of getting certified by Feeling Good Institute California as a level 1, level 2 and level 3 therapist. Reaching the finish line after being assessed for your skill set through an examination conducted by international examiners.

Imagine all throughout your journey of becoming a therapist, you have platform to constantly keep sharpening your skills with regular practice along with with other therapists from all over the world.

Imagine remaining informed about the latest research based psychotherapy techniques through opportunities to attend international workshops and conferences

Imagine getting opportunities to seek individual or group consultation for your cases, from more experienced therapists from all over the world


If you are seeking to embark this kind of a journey then you are at the right place.

Up-Level Your Practice

Enjoy the confidence that comes with practicing TEAM-CBT and gain recognition for your proficiency as an effective therapist.

Join our Community

Become part of a warm, supportive community, dedicated to learning and excellence in effective therapy.

Increase Effectiveness

Increase your exposure and get marketing support and referrals to get more clients and grow your practice.

Your Path to Master TEAM-CBT Skills

TEAM-CBT certification has five levels- from Introductory to Master Level. These trainings are provided adhering to the training guidelines of Feeling Good Institute, California. This certification helps you connect with the Indian community practicing TEAM-CBT, master your clinical skills, provides recognition and helps advance your career internationally

Level 1

Required to complete 12 units in TEAM-CBT training.

Level 2

Required to complete 24 units in TEAM-CBT training and verified use of TEAM-CBT tools.

Level 3

Required to pass an oral exam with role-play to verify skills in utilizing TEAM-CBT tools and techniques

How to accumulate the Continuing Education or
CE credits required for Certifications?
Type of Training Examples Units Awarded per Training Hour Examples of Units
Units WorkshoplCourselWebinar • CE workshops
• Didactic-based training
• CE based home study course - Structured curriculum
(e.g., 12-week overview curriculum
1 hour = 1 unit 1 hr webinar = 1 unit
Ex: 6hr CE workshop = 6 units
Ex: 24-hr (12 week) structured curriculum = 24 units
Large Group Training • Tuesday group at Stanford and similar groups
• Any other group of 5+ members that combines didactic, case consultation, role play, and personal work
4 hours = 1 unit 2hrs training group = .5 units
Ex: 24hrs of training group = 6 units
Small Group Training • Small group (2-4 people) that combines didactic, case consultation, role play, and personal work 2 hours = 1 unit 2hrs of small group time = 1 unit
Individual (1:1) Training with a Level 4 or 5 Trainer • Can be used for case consultation or practice/role plays 1 hour = 3 units 1 hr with a trainer = 3 units
Ex: 4hrs with a trainer = 12 units