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We are a community of mental health professionals who are dedicated to help people overcome the challenges that are preventing them from living their fullest, most exuberant life. We have got ourselves trained in using an extensively cutting-edge form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques called TEAM CBT, pioneered by Dr. David Burns. We can help people to create new empowered thinking so that they can approach life with resilience and enthusiasm.
Meet Our TEAM
Dr. Dipti Joshi

Dipti works through In-person and On-line modes from her office in Ahmedabad, India. She has been practicing CBT & EMDR for the past 20 years. She has a global exposure of learning CBT Techniques from India, Beck Institute-Philadelphia, Feeling Good Institute-California and from CBT Gurus like Andrew Beck of Manchester, UK. Over the past 4 years, she is primarily using the principles and structure of TEAM-CBT. She has also been heavily involved in training Psychologists in learning to use the TEAM CBT module as she is now a TEAM-CBT Therapist and a Trainer, certified by Feeling Good Institute, California.

Veena Mulchandani

Veena has done her Post Graduation in Psychology and is a Level 3 TEAM CBT therapist certified by the Feeling Good Institute(FGI). She is also a Level 2 REBT certified by IN-VIVO an affiliated centre by Albert Ellis Institute. Veena is based in Vadodara, India and works as an online and offline therapist. She is very passionate & involved in spreading & using TEAM CBT effectively with her clients. Her special interests include working with Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Problems, Habits & Addictions.

Lubna A. M. Ansari

Lubna is a graduate and a Level 3 TEAM CBT therapist, certified by the Feeling Good Institute (FGI), California USA.

Virakti Shah

Virakti has pursued her Masters in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York and is an RCI-Licensed Rehabilitation Psychologist in Ahmedabad, India. She is a certified Level 2 TEAM CBT Practitioner, seeking guidance from and working with Dr. Dipti Joshi. She works with Dr. Dipti Joshi's clients having anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties and procrastination-related issues online and in-person. Besides, she works with individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities or mental illnesses and their caregivers for personal, social, and vocational development for their social integration and inclusion. Her special interests and additional training lie in childhood maltreatment and working with children and their caregivers to develop a nourishing parent-child relationship.

Anjali Hardikar
Ashita Mathur
Gunjan Arya
Neeta Sinha
Dr. Yujal Man Singh
B Ganesh Kumar
Yesha Kotadia
Lubna Ansari
Mussarat (Mona) Fakih
Lin Panakal
Apuroop Chakravarthy Kaparthy
Sanjay Gulati
Dr. Zeel Tripathi
Aaisha Ahmed
Anusha Prabhakaran
Chitralekha S Iyer
Hiral Patel
Jagriti Sharma
Krishnasamy Parameswaran
Siddhi Shah
Sudatta Pandey
Sumathi Narayanan
Yesha Sheth
  • Nupur Laddha
  • Alka Jejani
  • Ashita Mathur
  • Banica Atri
  • Bhumika Jain
  • Gunjan Arya
  • Himanshu Sharma
  • Hitakshi Joshi
  • Khushal Ugale
  • Khushi Majithiya
  • Mahima Nair
  • Moksha Bhavsar
  • Nikita Rasania
  • Prasanthi Mulpuri
  • Preetika Chandna
  • Rashmi Lalwani
  • Rima Panjwani
  • Siddharth Arya
  • Simran Chhabria
  • Simran Sharma
  • Subodh Goyal
  • Tasneem Chasmai
  • Tasneem Kheyroolla
  • Trishla Surana
  • Yujal Man Singh