Dr. Burns is currently Adjunct Clinical Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine, where he is involved in research and teaching. He has received numerous awards for his Outstanding Contributions, specially as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist. He has been named Teacher of the Year three times from the class of graduating residents at Stanford University School of Medicine. In addition to his academic research, Dr. Burns has written a number of popular books on mood and relationship problems. His best-selling book,Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, has sold over 4 million copies in the United States, and many more worldwide. Dr. David Burns is the creator and developer of a very structured model of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: called TEAM-CBT. Dr. Burns created the TEAM-CBT approach from his knowledge of more than 50 years of experience of treating innumerable patients with several schools of therapy. Dr. Burns has blessed TEAM India with his readiness to provide informational resources to TEAM Practitioners through different means. Even now he actively conducts regular workshops for skill development for the international TEAM CBT community and very humbly addresses the concerns of therapists from all over the world.

Dr Dipti Joshi has been in private practicing using the framework of TEAM therapy, developed by Dr. David Burns, with her clients in private practice. She also trains and teach psychotherapists and aspiring psychologists to learn to apply the principles of this amazing TEAM Model for conducting psychotherapy . She has been authorised by Feelinggood institute as a trainer. She provides several online training modules as platforms for psychologists to continue to regularly practice and seek consultations on the TEAM CBT techniques and methods, individually and in groups with colleagues. Her goal as a trainer is to reach out to a maximum number of psychologists to enable learn the TEAM CBT Model and make their work as a psychotherapist more effective and fulfilling. She offers several certified training modules ( Level 1-2-3, year long practice , case consultation etc)